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RT: Los @iaioflautas hemos salido en el Washington Post. ¡Bellvitge resiste!

30/01/2012 by iaioflautas

Aquí tenéis el texto original. Os lo debemos a vosotras. Nuestra lucha es la vuestra.

Pensioners and patients protest during the second day of the health workers strike in Bellvitge, Spain, Wednesday Nov. 16, 2011. Doctors in the Catalonia region called a mass strike for Tuesday and Wednesday at hospitals and outpatient departments to protest against planned cutbacks. The European Union warned last Thursday that the 17-country eurozone could slip into «a deep and prolonged recession» next year as the debt crisis shows alarming signs of spinning out of control. Spain has suffered a long economic crisis with more than five million unemployed. The banner reads in Catalan: «Bellvitge fighting for the public health». (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Manu Fernandez / The Associated Press

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