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#lacaixa o la vida: Iaioflautas (elder activists) occupied a bank this morning in Badalona

01/12/2011 by iaioflautas

Twenty grandparents this morning called “iaioflautas” occupied the bank office number 3068 of “la Caixa” located in Marques street from Sant Mori, Badalona, near Barcelona. The action takes place under the theme # lacaixaolavida (the -specific name of the- bank or the live)

Thus they continue with the campaign of occupations financial institutions that began Oct. 27 with the occupation of a branch of Banco Santander in Barcelona. With these actions, they report that “a powerful and unscrupulous minority, the financial oligarchy, is crushing the lives of 99%. Our health centers closed, leaving thousands of homeless families…”

Solidarity with the struggle of #CAPMarina in Hospitalet, the companions of @habitatge18n were evicted yesterday and support to @edifici150 to continue setting an example of dignity!

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